At YM Packaging we have designed and manufactured a fully automated line to pack sweets (sugar coated and non-coated) in tubs, with quality control systems and labelling.

This line includes a product bucket elevator to take the product up to the multihead weigher. The buckets in this elevator are designed to stay in the same position throughout the travel path in order to optimize the cleaning process.

The product is then fed to the multihead weigher which has been manufactured specifically for this product characteristics. The weigher includes timing hoppers to deposit the product into the different format tubs.

The tubs are automatically dispensed using a denester – the tub denester is adjustable for different formats giving the customer complete flexibility and future proving their production scope.

At the end of the line you can find our quality control combi which includes a checkweigher and metal detector with their corresponding reject bins. This quality control combi enables our customer to get any certification such as IFS, BRC or supermarkets standards.

This line has a capacity of 6.000 tubs/hour. At YM PACKAGING we offered this line with innovation in mind in order to allow for different tub formats and products. The multihead weigher has our latest special software for fast and extremely accurate weights. The weigher is manufactured in stainless steel with dimpled surface to avoid any sticking from the product (sweets). We also integrated some additional extras for the non-coated sweets.

At YM PACKAGING we offer packaging solutions for food and non-food applications. We are committed to efficient and profitable packaging equipment in all the projects we develop.

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