Liquid filling linear machine

Are you looking for a bespoke liquid filling solution? At YM PACKAGING we design and manufacture bespoke linear liquid filling lines that adapt to your production. We offer turnkey solutions including lid positioning and thread locking, labelling systems and other elements required for your complete solution.

Depending on the product and the customer’s requirements our engineering team will recommend the most suitable filling system such as nozzles submerged in the product (foamy products), anti-drip system, etc. All of our liquid fillers come with compressed air reservoirs to ensure a constant flow during production.

We have different models depending on the required output, from 10 to 80 bottles per minute. The operator uses a user-friendly HMI to control the filler. The benefits this equipment offers include high accuracy, recipe memory, reduced cleaning time, easy and simple format changeover and many more.

Depending on the product our machines are built of stainless steel 304 or 316L. All production processes are automated in this line including the filling, lidding and labelling.


Our liquid filling machine is a filling system that benefits from huge flexibility allowing the customer to fill with different viscosities for different products such as water, milk, mayonnaise, fruit juice, detergents, chemical products, cosmetic products, etc.

– Flexible hoses between product tank and nozzles made of PTFE.

– Structure and other components made of stainless steel 304 and other technical plastics

– Common dosing system with fine adjustments: each nozzle has a flow regulator for fine tuning of the dose to guarantee a correct volume independently.

– Stainless Steel air reservoir to guarantee a constant air pressure and flow.

– Bottle positioning via pneumatic piston

– Format change over time of approximately 10 minutes (not including clean down)

– Individual manual valves on each nozzle to avoid dripping when opening the pump and nozzles for cleaning.

– Alarms and warnings on screen for any faults.

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