YM Packaging Group are very proud to announce that we have once again renewed the ISO 9001:2015:

  • Certificate for the following activities: Design, Manufacture, Installation and Maintenance of Packaging Machinery.
  • Supply and Sale of Spare Parts for Packaging Machinery.

This renewed certificate confirms that YM Packaging has met all the requirements of ISO 9001, which define a Quality Management System (QMS).

This Regulation evaluates whether our Quality Management System is appropriate and effective, forcing us to identify and implement improvements. Continuous improvement ensures our customers receives products / services that meet certain requirements.

The ISO standard contemplates quality management principles, which when complied with by certified companies, assure clients that the company has established an adequate Quality Management System.

Why have we implemented ISO 9001 at YM Packaging Group?

The ISO 9001 Regulation is the international standard for managing the quality system. To obtain the ISO 9001 certification, companies must follow the requirements established in this regulation:

  • Demonstrate a strong ability to continuously offer products and services that comply with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements of the client.
  • Improve customer satisfaction using an effective application of the system.
  • Implement system improvement processes.
  • Putting customers first, ensuring that their needs are constantly being met and improving their satisfaction.
  • Work in a more efficient way to increase productivity and efficiency, reducing internal costs,
  • Etc…

For YM Packaging, the implementation of this Regulation is very important, the main objective of which is to improve the customer experience and satisfaction.

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