Vertical VS Horizontal packaging

YM PACKAGING GROUP offers a wide range of packaging machinery specific to the adequate packaging and dosing of our customer’s products. All our packaging machines help to increase productivity efficiently and guarantee the pack quality of the final product. We inform our clients of the speeds and accuracy they will be able to achieve depending on their product and production processes.

The packaging of the product is one of the most powerful tools that companies have to attract consumers. The pack style or format can be a decisive instrument.

The food industry is one of the most competitive markets there is today, with packaging design being one of the key differences to stand out from the competition.

Thanks to the great versatility of the YM PACKAGING machines, we can change the size or format of the pack for a better adaptation according to market demand.

Currently there are many types of packaging machines. When selecting the machine, it is important to consider the product that we are going to pack as well as the production needs.

There are mainly two types of packaging machines, horizontal packaging and vertical packaging. The main difference between the two is the direction the machines work with flexible packaging. Due to their different structures, horizontal packaging machines and vertical packaging machines, adapt to certain products.

Horizontal packaging is more suitable for single solid products that can be easily handled such as cereal bars, soaps, small toys, bakery products, etc … In addition to guaranteeing hermetic seals we also achieve greater efficiency and better performance for pouch format than using vertical packaging.

Vertical packaging is best suited for loose, free flowing products. Vertical packaging machines are a great solution to pack liquids, snacks, sugar, salt, oils, gels, creams, etc … Vertical packaging machines can reach speeds of up to 400 bpm for pillow bags which is not feasible with horizontal packaging machines. On the other hand, the investment in equipment is usually lower than horizontal solutions.

As you can see, the type of product you need to pack will determine what type of machine will be best to use. If you have multiple product lines ranging from semi-solids to solids, then you might require both types of packaging.

At YM PACKAGING GROUP we offer consulting services. We can advise our clients which type of packaging is best suited to their production needs. Our technical team analyses the production line in detail, putting at your disposal the know-how accumulated from more than 20 years.

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