Rotary tub filling machine

At YM PACKAGING we design and manufacture bespoke tub filling machines to perfectly adapt to our clients’ production needs.  To optimize the filling processes, we manufacture tub filling machines that best suit your needs. Our machines are offer great speed and versatility.

YM PACKAGING rotary tub fillers are designed to save plant space and reach the most demanding speeds. Among our models of tub fillers, we have intermittent rotary fillers which can reach speeds of up to 50 tubs per minute. On the other hand, we also have continuous rotary tub fillers, which can reach speeds of 120 tubs per minute.

Different types of rigid tubs can be used with our fillers such as small cans, bottles, decanters, and others.

Depending on the state of the product (powder, solid or granule), we can combine the YM PACKAGING tub fillers with different dosing systems depending on the product (auger filler, multihead weigher, volumetric filler and more)

At YM PACKAGING we really care about the accuracy of the product dosing system. This is why we offer different dosing systems for each product type. For example, the auger fillers on our tub filling machines are all different depending on the characteristics of the product. We can include a pneumatic clap, different screws, product retainer and other applications to guarantee the accuracy of powder products.

After filling the tub, the rotary tub filling machines can be integrated with a rotary or linear lidding system which incorporates several capping heads and can be manufactured for any cap or lid. The lidding or capping system performs the closing operation by pressure or by thread.

We also offer sealers and labellers, as well as all the necessary elements to be able to offer our customers a full turnkey solution.  This gives our customers the guarantee and reliability of a full line designed and manufactured by YM PACKAGING.

If you are looking for an intelligent solution to your packaging requirements, at YM PACKAGING we can offer exactly what you need.

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