Horizontal preformed pouch machine

Horizontal preformed pouch machine

At YM PACKAGING GROUP we offer different models of horizontal packaging machines depending on the product to be packed. Depending on the customer’s production requirements we will offer a preformed pouch machine or a horizontal form fill seal machine.

Our horizontal packaging machines are made of stainless steel 304 making them suitable for food industry. For specific applications such as corrosive products, our machines can be manufactured using Stainless Steel 316L.

YM PACKAGING horizontal packaging machines can be integrated with different dosing systems such as linear weighers, multihead weighers, auger fillers, cup fillers or liquid depositors. Our horizontal packaging machines have a round tube structure offering a more hygienic design.

The preformed pouch machines are ideal for small-medium sized companies as they offer great reliability and safety when packaging any type of product.

Which are the models from the preformed pouch range that I can buy at YM PACKAGING?

We have different models of horizontal packaging machinery for preformed bags: EPJ, EPJM and EPY. Each of these models has different features and options all of which are configurable and adaptable according to the customer needs.

We design and manufacture machinery for all types of packaging. Our horizontal packaging machine for preformed pouches offers our clients an efficient solution, adapting the design to the specific needs of each pack and product.

YM PACKAGING’s horizontal preformed bag packaging machines work with all kinds of products like liquids, solids and powders.

Our machines are suitable for a wide range of pack formats such as 3 side seal bag, spout pouch, pillow bag, zipper bag and doypack bag.

The models of horizontal packaging for preformed pouches, EPJ, EPJM and EPY, offer great versatility due to the possibility of changing the bag format in a matter of minutes.

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