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At YM PACKAGING we offer global solutions for packaging, boxing and palletizing. We can design and manufacture a complete customised line for checkweighing. Checkweighing systems are the equipment used to control the weight at the end of the production line where the quality of weighing is important.

Checkweighers offer a system to guarantee the correct weight of the final product. Dynamic checkweighers are used to check, register and reject bags, packs or cans that do not meet the desired weight.

The main characteristics and advantages of using a checkweighers are; a wide range of capacity, allowing the weighing of small individual products, bags, boxes or pallets. They can be integrated to different accessories such as barcode readers, printers and PCs.

YM PACKAGING industrial checkweighers are available with different protection levels and can be integrated with a metal detection system. Our range of checkweighers is characterized by offering the client a wide range of custom designs and capacity for data configuration.

We design and manufacture checkweighers according to our customers’ needs. We have different rejection systems adapted to work with bags, jars or boxes giving great versatility and being able to cover a wide range of markets. On a solid stainless-steel structure, a conveyor belt and the scales are installed, forming a dynamic checkweigher unit.

At YM PACKAGING GROUP we know how to guide you towards the appropriate solution for your industry, type of product, packaging or the complexity of the applications you need when packing. We can offer you complete turnkey packaging lines.

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