Risk and accident prevention on machines

Vertical packaging machines (VFFS) YM Packaging

Do you know the most common causes in accidents with machines? According to the ILO, one in five accidents are caused because the machines are poorly protected or because the proper instructions for use have not been followed. Machines are dangerous by nature. Among the most common causes of accidents are:

-Inadequate maintenance of machinery.

-Lack of protection on equipment.

-Computers in poor condition.

-Inapropiate tooling use don the machine.

-Carrying out of tasks on an appliction designed for other.


At YM we value the safety and prevention of occupational risks in every machine that we design and manufacture. Our packaging machines have elements specifically designed to prevent accidents at wor. It is vitally important for us to offer safe packaging lines that comply with the strictest safety rules to prevent occupational hazards.

The packaging machinery from YM PACKAGING brings together the most appropriate protection systems. We effectively guarantee the protection and safety of workers.

Manual manipulation of products when using the machines is the main factor why entrapments happen. YM Packaging eliminate the possibility of entrapments by following strict safty protocol. All moving parts are guarded and are connected to safty switches to shut the machine down on alarm.

At YM PACKAGING GROUP you will find the perfect machine for each container. We have great experience in the manufacturing of packaging machines, case packers and palletizing applications. We design each machine specifically to respond to the requirements you need for packing your product.

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