Multihead weighers designed for delicate products

Multihead weighers for delicate products YM Packaging

The YM PACKAGING GROUP can offer you a wide range of possibilities from our multihead weigher range. We are specialist in the manufacturing of numerous models that we can adapt to all types of products considering the product characteristics. The multihead weighers are ideal for achieving accurate product weighing at high speeds and can be combined with all kinds of packaging applications such as vertical and horizontal applications and also tub/jars/bottle filling.

Our Multihead weighers are manufactured in varies shapes and sizes depending on the products to be weighed. One of the key factors that changes throughout projects is the hopper capacities. Having different volumes of hoppers gives us the flexibility to work with products of all sizes whether that be a grain. The number of hoppers is dependent on the clients desired output. To be sure of our high speeds, we are able to add memory hoppers to double the potential output whilst ensuring absolute precision. Each hopper has its own weighing cell which will be used in our weight calculation algorithm to make up the end dose weight. All of our weighers are manufactured using different grade stainless steels – should a product be corrosive we will opt for 316L, for non-corrosive products we will use 304. The textured finish of the stainless can either be smooth or dimpled – this is dependants on the product flow. If the product is sticky, we will also opt for a Teflon coated finish to ensure the products flow can be controlled accurately.

The most common optional extra that is usually added in a multihead weigher is the synchronization hopper which increases the performance of the multihead as it allows us to adjust the speed of the product dose in the most efficient way possible.

A synchronization hopper or collector collects the product that has been discharged from the weighing hoppers which then waits until the packaging application sends the signal to dose. The multihead weigher will not release any product from the weigh hoppers until the timing hopper opens and closes again. This helps increase speed whilst also reducing the distance between the weigher and the packaging machine.

At YM PACKAGING we design and manufacture our multihead for each product. We can design a special multi-head for a delicate product with a lower drop inclination to avoid product breakage. To achieve this, the hoppers are provided with a smoother inclination, with a more vertical opening guaranteeing the packaging speed whilst avoiding possible breaks. We know how important it is to be able to package products in the most efficient way possible so we keep the product in mind from the first instance.

To see the operation of a multihead weigher, we show you the following video in which a line doses and packs delicate products into a tub. The line is made up of a water hopper, a conveyor belt and a special multihead weigher for delicate products for fruit packaging.


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