Vertical packaging machines (VFFS)

Vertical packaging machines YM Packaging

YM PACKAGING vertical machines are designed by our technical office and manufactured by our production department. Our vertical machines offer high reliability, technology and production capacity always keeping operator safety in mind. Our packaging machines are made using only the best components.

Our vertical baggers have the latest technology. Manufacturing the machines in house gives us a huge competitive advantage as it allows us to offer all types of packaging with different finishes and accessories according to the customer needs. Our packaging machines are customized for each client and product. We adapt machine features such as dust aspirators, vacuum belts and others.

YM PACKAGING vertical packaging machines provide simplicity and efficiency for food and non-food applications. Among the most important features, we highlight the quick and tool-free change, being able to pack or pack multiple sizes and formats of bags on the industrial packaging machine.

Another feature that our vertical packaging machines offer is that they have an easy and quick change of bag format system.

The structure of our vertical packaging machines is made of stainless steel making it perfect to withstand the most demanding cleaning protocols. If the product requires it the machine can be manufactured in stainless steel 316.

YM designs high quality vertical packaging machines. For this reason, to guarantee the film is pulled correctly in any environment and industry we offer vacuum pulling belts to obtain an accurate pulling system.

We offer vertical packaging machine in two types; intermittent or continuous mode.

In addition, YM PACKAGING vertical form fill seal machines can be easily integrated with other equipment that is part of a packaging line, such as: dosing equipment, conveyor belts, checkweighers, metal detectors with rejection, boxing or palletizing solutions and many more.

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