Gravity case packers

Gravity case packers YM Packaging

YM PACKAGING’s automatic adjustment gravity case packers are exclusively designed to meet the needs of our customers. The gravity case packer is a solution that uses the force of gravity to load a product into a secondary box. The case packer introduces the product previously grouped inside the boxes, being able to program for different sizes and patterns.

If you need to increase your production output, then case packers are the ideal option.

Gravity packers do not use robotics, meaning they often have fewer electronic components. This makes this type of case packer a simple solution with minimal maintenance requirements.

YM PACKAGING gravity packers are ideal for packing any type of product such as vegetables, fruits, frozen products, chicken and other food products.

At YM we design gravity case packers with great versatility. Our sliding gate system saves space and allows to make a precise fit in production rooms with reduced space. The sliding gate is used to allow or block the product passing through.

We also have a range of machines that carry out the erection, loading and sealing of the boxes all in the same machine, optimizing spaces in the production plant.

If you are looking for a solution to pack your products, YM PACKAGING can offer you a tailored solution by designing and manufacturing a case packer that best suits your needs.

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