Industrial quality control

Industrial quality control YM Packaging

Manufacturing quality control means the different implementations of programs, mechanisms and tools that a company uses to improve the quality of its products and services. In the case of industrial packaging lines, quality control is mainly used to improve productivity and offer optimal safety for packaging products. In addition, quality controls help improve business competitiveness.

At YM PACKAGING GROUP we offer you global solutions for the entire quality control process, ranging from raw material analysis to the final product. For YM PACKAGING it is very important to design and manufacture quality control systems that meet the requirements needed to obtain the strictest certifications.

The food industry requires rigorous quality control for packaging and the correct handling of products to fully satisfy the needs of end consumers.

At YM PACKAGING GROUP we manufacture quality controls to ensure an optimal production. To do this, we use a robust structure ensuring accurate weighing in our checkweighers. By incorporating a metal detector, this machine can reject by weight or by the contamination of metals, making it essential to pass regulations such as IFS, BRC, FDA and others.

We can design and manufacture the metal detector that best suits your needs, ensuring safe detection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. YM PACKAGING’s metal detectors reliably detect products with metallic contamination, helping to consistently maintain high packaging quality and performance.

Our metal detectors can be equipped with a modular conveyor belt or a heavy-duty conveyor. All this accompanied by various mechanisms and systems that carry out the correct rejection of defective packs.

We also have combi machines (metal detectors and checkweighers) mainly designed to control production under strict levels. If you want to know any of the models that we can offer you can visit our section on the QUALITY CONTROL website. (

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