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At YM we know how important it is to be able to pack products in the most efficient way possible. YM Packaging’s elevators are designed to facilitate and simplify the transport of the product from one position to another to continue its packaging process.

Having a good automated vertical or horizontal packaging system is essential as

we will achieve an optimization in time and cost since we will pack a larger quantity of product in a shorter time. In order to keep our packaging system working properly, we must ensure that each part and component of our packaging machine is always in the best operating condition.

YM Packaging offers you design and manufacture of elevators to transport products in the safest and most efficient way possible.

An elevator is a machine that is used to transport the product to the packaging stage. It is similar to a conveyor belt, but the products are transported from a product hopper (by means of buckets or modular belt) which then rotates and deposits them into the feeding or dosing equipment such as a multihead weigher.

YM Packaging takes into account important elements to transport the products safely and without damage, for this reason all our elevators have mobile side guides to accompany the product. In addition, our elevators are made of stainless steel, giving them great protection and avoiding corrosion.

We can design and manufacture an elevator for your packaging line, according to your production needs. We have elevators in various sizes and shapes for all types of products, so we can adapt to what you need.

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