Vffs machines with product settling system

Vffs machine with product settling system YM Packaging

At YM PACKAGING GROUP we offer our customers the correct vertical packaging machine for their requirements. Our packaging machines are so versatile you can pack an almost unlimited range of products. Our machines offer you a complete and effective solution for forming, filling and sealing at the same production stage.

Our VM model is a packaging machine suitable for all types of products such as powder, solid, liquid, etc … With this machine, it is possible to pack pillow- and gussetted bags. This packaging machine is made of stainless steel making it suitable for the food industry.

This model works at a high speed, reaching up to 80 bpm depending on the product and bag length. In addition, it is made with the best brands for components, thus providing excellent quality. With this vertical packaging machine, we can achieve the perfect pack of products in flexible film with both laminated and single layer film. This also includes special seals for all types of plastic.

The VM model has a product settling system that will help us pack more efficiently. This system is ideal to settle the product to be packaged before sealing the bag definitively. Using this system, the customer avoids product entrapment on the seal and also reduces the amount of wasted film by optimizing the space in the bag.

In addition, the VM models have different configuration options: gusetting system, remote connection, gas flushing, Euro-hole punch, anti-blockage system in the forming tube, etc … The most important thing of all is that the VM is available in various sizes and can be fully adapted to the packaging needs of customers.

At YM PACKAGING we provide all our packaging machines with specific systems when the product is fragile thus avoiding problems like bag breakage or product damage, which always translate into machine downtime and therefore loss of money on the production line.

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