YM Packaging multiformat case packing line


When choosing a case packer most manufacturers only consider the current production requirements, forgetting about one of the most important factors when doing business: growth.

Market demand changes continuously and so does the desired box formats and packaging designs. This makes it essential to have equipment that can adapt quickly and efficiently to the new market trends and demands.

What can we do then to adapt to the new production demands of the market? Buying a new case packer is unthinkable and an upgrade of our packaging line is not cheap. The solution is to think in the long term and configure a machine that is capable of adapting immediately to new types of packaging.

A multi-format case packer is the optimal solution for those customers who are looking to be able to adapt to production requirements as quickly as possible. YM PACKAGING multi-format case packers are designed to allow format changes without having to replace assembly groups.

How do you develop a multi-format case packer that can guarantee a format change in a matter of minutes? Optimizing, simplifying and efficiently designing guides and configurations. In multi-format case packers, format changes can be made very quickly, without the need to replace mechanical parts.
At YM PACKAGING we manufacture multi-format case packers. We developed a case loader that is adjusted using servo-controlled linear actuators, which provide great versatility in terms of the box formats supported by the machine, allowing us to cover a wide range of formats.

This is where the concept of MULTIFORMAT comes in, machines that can be quickly programmed so that they can change formats when packaging, thus adapting to the new production requirements of the company and the market demand.

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