Metal detectors with rejection systems

Metal detectors YM Packaging

Avoid errors such as false rejects in metal detection with FORTRESS metal detectors integrated on rejection systems from YM PACKAGING GROUP.

We are experts in metal detectors of all types, sizes and with all kinds of customized rejects for different products. We work with the best manufacturers in the market, offering the customer a tailored solution and guaranteeing the best detection rates and reliability.

YM PACKAGING has installed metal detectors on production lines in all sectors, from food detectors for the inspection of bakery products, meat, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, spices, sugar, including ice cubes and frozen products to non-food products. Large and small companies recognize the quality of our industrial metal detectors with rejection systems.

Food metal detectors are mainly used to protect the consumer and ensure a food grade product. In addition to protecting the consumer, metal detectors are an essential requirement to obtain quality certifications.

YM metal detectors for the food industry help to safely meet all legal regulations and customer requirements by reliably detecting metals in food products. Food metal detectors provide effective protection against ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

At YM PACKAGING we offer metal detectors with USB data extraction and custom rejection, thanks to our technical office, this system is designed exclusively for each type of product and customer needs, covering demand in sectors where a standard rejection system would not work properly.

Our metal detectors feature high sensitivity and incredibly advanced automatic calibration features, combining maximum reliability with reduced waste due to false rejects. We offer you a wide variety of rejection systems, belt sizes, belt configurations and rejection product input sensors to maximize detector accuracy.

YM’s metal detectors can be installed and integrated in each step of the production process, like gravity detectors installed before the packaging machine. They can also be integrated with a checkweigher system and be mounted on the same chassis, thus creating a combi system that is also installed in the network for the analysis of the entire packaging process.

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