YM Packaging continues to operate as usual

In these anomalous moments by COVID-19, YM PACKAGING GROUP is taking all the necessary precautions and measures to be able to implement the Health and Safety recommendations from all local governments and the World Health Organization.

The WHO declared on March 11 that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) became a pandemic. Given this situation, many companies wonder how they should proceed to prevent contagion in the workplace.

We know that companies must establish contingency plans and action protocols agreed with workers against the Coronavirus. Furthermore, the protection of particularly sensitive workers must be guaranteed, as well as information and training for employees.

At YM PACKAGING GROUP, we have implemented a Contingency Plan that helps to identify and define the necessary actions to implement the different protocols to be followed during the state of emergency due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

We are offering all the technical support and advice that our clients need, as well as any department, giving absolute priority to our clients dedicated to food production, thus helping to keep the supply chain moving.

To do this, we have internally put in place systems, procedures, and processes to protect employees.

Among the most important actions being carried out include disinfection of the workplace, training of employees, increase in the level of cleanliness, use of hand sanitizer, administrative control, travel restrictions and limitation of visits by third parties that are replaced by conference calls. Safety distance measures apply at all times and in all departments. Whenever the job allows, home working has been implemented.

YM PACKAGING GROUP continues to operate business as usual and attend to the requests and demands of our clients.

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